A Drainfield Replacement Is a Messy Undertaking

Look into our non-invasive drainfield repair services in the Savannah, GA & Bluffton, SC areas

Replacing a drainfield requires digging up your yard. Luckily, you don't have to destroy your landscape to complete a drainfield replacement project. Septic Works Of The Lowcountry relies on Terralift equipment to make drainfield repairs, restore the soil and promote healthy plant growth in the Savannah, GA and Bluffton, SC areas.

Terralift technology resolves drainfield issues by...

  • Inserting a long, narrow probe through the soil to reach the leach field
  • Forcing air through the soil to break up compacted debris
  • Creating fissures to ventilate gasses
Contact us today to learn more about this non-invasive alternative to conventional drainfield replacement methods.

We can make drainfield replacements and repairs within a day

We can make drainfield replacements and repairs within a day

Has sewage backed into your home, or are your sinks draining slowly? If so, you need to make drainfield repairs right away. We can complete the process quickly to save you time and money. Call 912-856-6915 now to arrange for service in Savannah, GA or elsewhere in the Lowcountry.